System Automation

Processes of verification and validation of the performance of an activity according to plan and stipulated guidelines.

Software to manage Management Systems and Excellence Models: ISOTools Excellence

ISOTools Excellence is a software to manage Management Systems and Excellence Models made up of a set of different modules, giving rise to a flexible, scalable and adaptable software to the different particularities and needs of each organisation, regardless of the size or sector in which each one is framed.

This software helps to achieve greater agility and optimisation in the management of processes. It also allows for easy access and a quick search for information.

All of the above leads us to affirm that ISOTools Excellence is a powerful technological tool that allows organisations to have automated management, providing answers to their real needs, as well as helping them to achieve their commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

It facilitates smooth communication both internally and externally, as well as collaborative work.

As mentioned above, the ISOTools Excellence software is made up of a series of modules, which are organised into three areas, namely:

  • Base module.
  • Standardised systems.
  • Models of Excellence.

ISOTools Excellence: main features of the software for administering Management Systems and Excellence Models

In the following, we will detail the main features of ISOTools Excellence, which makes it a powerful software to manage Management Systems as well as Excellence Models.

Ease of use: this tool is above all intuitive and usable, i.e. it has been specially designed to be easy to use. It incorporates powerful role functionalities, as well as customisation.

Flexibility: regardless of the size of the organisation in question, or the sector in which it operates, ISOTools Excellence adapts to the characteristics of each of them, configuring itself according to their particularities in order to meet their needs.

Functional: it is a tool that has a wide variety of functionalities and characteristics to respond to the different needs of organisations.

4.- Wide accessibility: ISOTools Excellence offers a Cloud contracting modality, which allows organisations to carry out all their procedures from any device and from any place, as long as they only need an Internet connection.

5.- It facilitates decision-making: as it is a tool that provides a globalised vision of the organisation as a whole, decision-making becomes easier and more accurate.

Confidentiality: another important characteristic of this software for administering Management Systems and Excellence Models is that it guarantees the integrity and security of the data, as well as its confidentiality. To this end, it makes the corresponding back-up copies and incorporates security measures and different levels of access to the information depending on the role or position of the person.

Reliability: due to the enormous experience it has already gained, it is a totally reliable solution, which has contributed to the optimisation of more than 1000 organisations.

8.- Multidevice: makes 360° management of your organisation possible. By this, we mean the possibility of being able to access the management of your organisation from any device, regardless of where you are. It allows the use of mobile devices, desktop computers or tablets.

It is affordable: ISOTools Excellence is a technological solution that does not require a high investment. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

10.- Because of all these features, ISOTools Excellence is the right solution as a software solution to manage Management Systems and Excellence Models.

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