Associate Consultant Program (ACP)

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What does the programme consist of?

The constantly evolving business world brings with it a number of challenges for organizations. At QCS Group we understand this, which is why we offer a unique perspective, knowledge and know-how to help companies move forward.

We work extensively with managers, accountants, economists, civil engineers, industrial engineers, environmental engineers, chemical engineers, food technologists and other professions to provide competitive services to our clients.

The Associate Consultant Program (ACP) consists of a network of consultants in different areas, who have been validated to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards and have the same commitment to excellence of the commercial group. Our Program is a partnership that allows our clients to benefit from the excellence of our associates, focused on a commercial alliance in areas such as risk, internal control, technology, management, automation, auditing, environment, strategy, among others, in addition to the experience and competence of the QCS Group in project management and administration.

We refer to a win-win relationship between Grupo QCS and its members. The associate consultant model results in the economic benefit of participating in specific projects, either in a managerial or consulting role. Through the program we are able to expand consulting services in the public and private sector, as well as facilitate its associates to present opportunities to be managed through Grupo QCS.


Programme objectives

- Breadth of scope of services

- Integration of members into the system, to create a single entity

- Permanence over time

- Increased exposure

- Win/win ratio

- Social responsibility


Benefits of the programme

- Has priority over NON-associated consultants in the assignment of projects.

- Administrative support

- Generation of new job opportunities

- Become a member of a professional network

- Access to work tools, mail, among others.

Those professionals who wish to be considered should include their curriculum vitae HERE.

At Grupo QCS we are interested in promoting social responsibility programs. Through our Social Responsibility policy and through the PCA program we have identified a segment of professionals over 40 years old, who for different reasons have been separated from their jobs, we value that knowledge and experience. However, we are aware that for this initiative to have the desired effect, we must have the trust and commitment of various institutions and private companies, with which we need to take actions to generate job opportunities for these professionals.

Social Responsibility Policy

As a socially responsible company, QCS Group expresses its commitment to our community, personnel and environment through its mission, vision, principles and values. Our social policy within the framework of the PCA (Associate Consultant Program) is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to the reintegration of experienced professionals into the labor market. We seek to operate with absolute transparency, acting with integrity and always considering the expectations and concerns of all our stakeholders.

One of the pillars of this program is to promote labor inclusion, giving priority to those professionals who, despite having vast experience, are in a vulnerable position due to their age. We also recognize the importance of continuous training and, therefore, we promote training and networking activities to further enrich the competencies of PCA members. The company's commitment is not only to integrate professionals, but also to provide conditions for their quality of working life.

To ensure compliance with these commitments (including legal and other commitments to which we subscribe), general management is responsible for monitoring and periodically reviewing the progress of the PCA, in order to ensure proper management and consistency with our values and objectives of social responsibility. Feedback from stakeholders is vital for continuous improvement, so we will report annually on progress and results.

We reiterate our commitment to keep this policy updated, ensuring that the program is an effective tool that reflects our social responsibility.

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